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Westwood Hills Storm Sewer Repairs Street Closures

Repairs to the storm sewer system along Rainbow Blvd. between 48th Terrace and 49th Terrace will start April 16, 2018.  The east side of Rainbow Blvd., between 50th Terrace and 48th Street, will be taken down to one lane during the construction. City street entrances onto Rainbow Blvd. at 49th Terr., 49th St., and 48th Terr., as well as the sidewalk along Rainbow Blvd. between 49th St. and 49th Terr., will be closed for the duration of the project.

All foot traffic along the east side of Rainbow, between 49th St. and 49th Terrace, will need to be re-routed.

During the project, the prime contractor, Leavenworth Excavating and Equipment Company will subcontract Insituform Technologies, USA to line the storm sewers.  This process will cause a large amount of steam to release from the manholes during cure periods.  For everyone's safety, maintain a reasonable distance from equipment and workers, and please remember to keep your distance from any steam as steam may cause burns if there is prolonged exposure.

The repairs are slated to take approximately thirty days, but we are hoping the repairs will be completed sooner.

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